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The battleground between creation and evolution is fraught with one-sidedness. Have both sides been overlooking the obvious?

In the Beginning

I heard an interesting quote recently. It is from the Scottish philosopher Thomas Reid who once said: “There is no greater impediment to the advancement of knowledge than the ambiguity of words[1]. It caught my attention while I was trying to think of an appropriate opening for this article, and…

No matter how much we try to live a balanced life, the universe just won’t let us. Here is the reason why.

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The Quest for Balance

It’s another morning and even after a solid full nights’ sleep, I am sluggish in getting my body moving and energized. Perhaps it is age creeping up on me, but thinking back, I was just as sluggish in my younger years as I am now. I know I am not…

If you think humans are insignificant against the vastness of the universe, then you do not know the half of it!

Spiders and Things

Outside of the National Art Gallery in Ottawa, Canada, is a very large steel spider sculpture named Maman[1]. …

Brian Gregory

A down-to-Earth geosopher-geocientist. Quirky sense of humour. Loves to think and write about complex topics in a simple and fun way.

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